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Cyber Security, protect your business from internal and external threats; Packages available for DFARS Clause 252.204-7012 to comply with NIST SP 800-171

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Network Security

Protect your networks against external and internal attacks. Manage the network perimeter. Filter out unauthorized access and malicious content. Monitor and test security controls.

Financial & Commercial Consequences

  • Breach response process is costly and time consuming
  • Possible fines and fees
  • Loss of customers
  • Employment or contract termination
  • Insurance premium increases
  • Loss of data can lead to legal action
  • Loss of productivity
  • Unable to access data or network
  • Damaged brand and reputation


Noble Technology Group’s consulting and managed services help businesses reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms by providing a number of services, such as:

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Vulnerability and risk assessments

We offer network vulnerability scans, firewall assessments and certification, as well as detailed risk assessment reports while providing you with options for solutions.

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Internal and external penetration testing

90% of the Firewall’s we certify are misconfigured and vulnerable. We can certify the configuration of your Firewall. We also offer Firewall monitoring and response.

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Policy and plan development

Noble Technology Group is developing a Cyber Handbook filled with policies and procedures your IT staff can use and implement to your own employee handbooks and/or QMS manuals. We can assist in developing plans specific to your organization needs.

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Configuration management, design, and remediation

Our engineer’s can assist with design and implementation of a new solution, manage an existing solution or troubleshoot any problem.

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Malicious code review and Computer security incident response

If you believe you have had a cyber incident, CALL US NOW! Time is not on your side – the longer you wait, the bigger the problem gets.

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Insider threat, APT assessment & Social engineering (targeted phishing)

We offer classroom and online training for your employees.

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IT risk management and compliance

Do you need to know if your network is vulnerable? Do you need to comply with a regulation? Call and speak with one of our experts or fill out the form below today!

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Training and Workshops

We offer annual and new hire cyber security classroom training and workshops.


We Provide Clients with Annual Training for End-Users and New Employee Awareness Training.


Cybersecurity is a growing concern for companies. In fact, it is not a matter of “if” but rather “when” your company gets hacked. For this reason, enterprise security is a multi-billion dollar industry with nearly all big corporations investing big bucks in software, services and employee training. Small companies, unfortunately, are the most prone to attacks, with over 62 percent of all online attacks in 2015 targeted at small to midsize businesses.


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Recently, one company examined the data loss associated with employee-related cybersecurity breaches. Biscom, a provider of secure communications tools for regulated industries like healthcare and financial services, has more than 30 years of experience in cybersecurity and has witnessed firsthand many of the modern-day data breaches that affect companies, big and small.

Biscom’s recent research discovered that, across all size companies, employees admitted to taking important company data and information when they left. More specifically:

  • 85% of employees admitted to taking company documents and information they had created.
  • 30% of employees admitted to taking company documents and information they had not personally created.

The research was particularly concerning for startups that retain and manage intellectual property and sensitive customer data closely. The study found that:

  • 25% of employees reported taking source code and patent filings.
  • 35% of employees took customer data, including names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • 85% admitted to taking company strategy documents and presentations.


Moreover, if an employee was terminated under bad circumstances (laid off or fired), 20% indicated they would be more likely to take data out of anger and would be more likely to pass it to a competitor.

Finally, 90% of respondents indicated that the primary reason for the data theft upon departure was due to the fact that their employer did not have a policy or technology in place to prevent them from doing it.


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The point of security is to keep bad things from happening while supporting the occurrence of good things. When bad things do happen, organizations often desire assistance from law enforcement and the legal system for compensation.   To obtain legal restitution, you must demonstrate that a crime was committed, that the suspect committed that crime, and that you took reasonable efforts to prevent the crime. This means your organization’s security needs to be legally defensible. If you are unable to convince a court that your log files are accurate and that no other persons other than the subject could have committed the crime, you will not obtain restitution. Ultimately, this requires a complete security solution that has strong multifactor authentication techniques, solid authorization mechanisms, and impeccable auditing systems. Additionally, you must show that the organization complied with all applicable laws and regulations, that proper warnings and notifications were posted, that both logical and physical security were not otherwise compromised, and that there are no other possible reasonable interpretations of the electronic evidence. This is a fairly challenging standard to meet. If you are not going to make the effort to design and implement legally defensible security, what is the point in attempting a subpar security?