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24/7 Server and Workstation Remote Monitoring, Repair and Maintenance.

Noble Alert provides peace of mind so you can focus on your ongoing business. Our 24/7 monitoring and remote maintenance of your server (workstation and monitoring also available) health and well-being alerts us to any malfunction and allows for quick response and remedies that enjoy a remote solution or if necessary, an onsite visit.

Here is just a small list of our watchful monitoring:

  • Backup Issues
  • Expired Software
  • Drive Capacity and Potential Failures
  • Virus Attacks
  • Major System Operational Threshold Notification





Data lines carry BOTH phone and computer connectivity!

Take your company to the next level while saving money over a traditional PBX system. With VoIP solutions, you pay only for the phones you use at the time you need them. It’s infinitely scale-able up or down so there’s no need to “grow into” an expensive large system or discard a small system you’ve outgrown. Easy to set up and use, VoIP offers more features and functionality than a traditional PBX but requires no maintenance technician. It’s so effortless, anyone can control system settings, add phones and get the newest features the moment they’re available. Your system never becomes obsolete like expensive hardwired systems.


Any Phone, Anywhere in the World!

  • Infinitely scale-able ! Grows with your business.
  • No large upfront infrastructure costs.
  • Save on equipment, phone lines and maintenance
  • Calls can be routed to any phone, of any type, rather than only to a phone physically wired to an in-office PBX
  • Enjoy more business enhancing features than you would with a traditional phone system.
  • Instant availability of newest features. Always up to date
  • Easy to set up and use. No technician needed.
  • Instantly add seats and phones
  • Manage your business anywhere with you –


WebLINK Cloud Control Panel Features:

  • Auto attendant
  • Company directory
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Call transfer
  • Follow-Me-Live call forwarding
  • Email delivery of voice and fax messages
  • Hold music
  • Call Announce
  • Caller ID
  • Online access of messages
  • Message notification
  • WebLINK Cloud Control Panel
  • Detailed call analysis and reporting
  • Call queuing
  • Fax send and receive
  • Voice on-demand
  • Automated fax on-demand
  • After hours greeting
  • Emergency 911 dialing
  • Traditional PBX features

Caller ID block, Call waiting, Distinctive ringing, 3-Way calling, and many, many more!




Offsite Data Backup

As data has now become a business’s most valuable asset. Having your data replicated to an offsite location just makes sense. Noble Safe is a software based solution which means there are no hardware costs or yearly maintenance fees. You just pay a monthly charge per GB of data you have protected. This can be Exchange and E-mail Servers, Shared Data Folders, or even remote laptops and workstations. That data is replicated daily to Data Centers on the East and West Coasts. You decide how long the data will be stored for.


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Hardware and Offsite Data Backup

That’s right, we backup your hardware. As part of this solution we provide a Doughnut Server at your location. This device can boot up an image of a backup of your server in case your servers’ hardware fails. We call this a Doughnut Server because it is a similar concept to a Doughnut Tire for your vehicle. This device also works as a location to store your local backups, reliving you of the pressure to provide enough hard drive space for them.